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About Us


Spas Plus of Lincoln has been a partner with Sundance Spas, exclusively, in the Lincoln and surrounding areas since 1995.  Spas Plus has provided warranty & service to all Sundance spas in Nebraska.  In addition, we have serviced all brands of spas for several years.  It is this service experience that allowed us to become familiar with all brands of spas, and have increased our confidence in the engineering and designs of all the spas manufactured by Sundance. 

Sundance Spas understands the needs of spa owners. The ability of Sundance Spas to incorporate technology in the spas they manufacture, specifically for the benefit of the consumer, is exceptional.  Spas Plus personnel has "seen it all" when it comes to hot tubs and spas sold in the United States and invites you to come visit our showroom, talk to one of our experienced representatives, and learn why we feel Sundance Spas offers the best value. 

Spas Plus of Lincoln has relocated. Our new location at 4013 "O" Street will provide more space for display; will be easy to find; has store-front parking and is centrally located in Lincoln. Our phone, fax and email remain unchanged. We are excited and hopeful that this move will provide us opportunities to expand in some areas and provide more efficient services to our customers.


Sundance Spas

Sundance Spas™ offer great comfort with open seating and energy-efficient controls. From single-user spas to family-oriented spas, our spas have many seats and styles to choose from. Our warranty includes 10 years on the shell, 5 years on the electric work, and 5 years on the plumbing. It is fully rated with no deductions and no pro rates. Overall, our warranty is very strong!

Spa Checkups

We recommend that you have 10-point checkups every 2 years. We’ll take care of all of your maintenance issues, including cleaning services. Cleaning depends on how often you use your new spa. Maintenance, cleaning, and checkups should be done before your warranty ends!

Aboveground Pools

When it comes to aboveground pools, we feature various sizes to choose from. One of our name brands is Garden Leisure™, which includes round and oval pools. For more information, contact us.

For the Best in Spas, Above Ground Pools, and Water Treatment Products, Contact Us in Lincoln, Nebraska.